Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Voicemail to SMS pricing is going down.

In a recent post, I demonstrated that voicemail to text business maybe extremely profitable.
Recently, SpinVox published new pricing offered to Cincinnati Bell Wireless customers. An unlimited number of voice-to-text conversions now cost just $5.99 per month. As for most people unlimited is ~1.2 voicemails per day, this new pricing imply a nice profit to SpinVox and at the same time is going to the comfort zone of SMBs. SpinVox is smart enough to post a study about users habits with a focus on Telco's revenues:
  • Carriers are reporting a 33% uplift in Voicemail deposits, as the calling party knows their message will be seen in minutes.
  • 87% of people return a SpinVox message, which is driving a 10% uplift in voice and 15% in text.
  • This is all equating to a 110% uplift in the voice message revenue line.
Based on these parameters, no wonder that the Telco's are interested in this service and will be willing to fund some of it.

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