Friday, March 20, 2009

SpinVox Open API

Congrats to SpinVox for this important move. Opening your system to others can drive speech applications faster leveraging many more developers and creative minds. Whether it is human transcription or machine transcription, this move separates the speech processing part from the application part and push for SaaS speech enabled applications.


SpinVox to Demonstrate Open API Applications at CTIA Wireless 2009

Pre-Registrations For SpinVox Create Fuel Co-Development Program and Confirm Demand for Voice Conversion Services from Web-Based Technology Developers Wanting to Build Speech 2.0 Applications

CTIA Wireless 2009

LONDON & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SpinVox, the global leader in voice to content messaging, will showcase three brand new Speech 2.0 applications at CTIA Wireless 2009, to be held April 1-3 in Las Vegas. The applications have been developed in less than a month to demonstrate the power of SpinVox Create, an open API (Application Programming Interface) to the SpinVox Voice Message Conversion System™ (VMCS), the world’s largest commercial speech platform.

SpinVox Create was announced at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February 2009 and developers were invited to pre-register their interest in SpinVox Create in advance of its launch via a web registration page -

SpinVox Create will be launched as a key part of a two-stage corporate API strategy that will also be announced at CTIA and rolled out by SpinVox in the first half of 2009.

Nearly 100 developers have already registered interest in SpinVox Create and, of these, 20 have been selected by SpinVox to be part of the co-development program. Those selected include business efficiency, personal productivity, games and social networking applications.

SpinVox Create is a simple, straightforward API that leverages SpinVox’s commercial speech platform – which is growing quickly with more than 30 million users - to enable any developer with Web access to quickly build commercial speech applications. It also enables SpinVox to collaborate with third parties to expand the Speech 2.0 market and foster further innovations in voice that complement SpinVox’s existing platform development services for Enterprise application partners and Carrier networks.

“We’ve been impressed by both the quality and quantity of responses to our pre-registration announcement,” says SpinVox co-founder and CEO Christina Domecq. “We are clearly seeing an increased demand for voice conversion services from technology developers who recognize that a speech interface enables the most natural form of communication, and who want to build Speech 2.0 applications with best-in-class open products.”

Demonstration of Voice innovation on Apple, Nokia, and Windows Mobile platforms

Three applications will be demonstrated at CTIA Wireless 2009. These are based on Apple iPhone, Nokia Series 60, and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms.

`Travel Blog`, a Windows Mobile 6.0 Application developed by Singapore-based Global Idealogy Corporation lets you tag and post your photographs using just your voice . You can select photographs through the application, speak a message, attach the converted text to the photographs, post it on blog, social networking websites or send it as email or MMS.

`Speak-a-Text`, a Nokia Series 60 Application developed by UK-based Symbian Platinum Partner, Savage Minds, incorporates the ability to speak a text which is converted to text and placed into the menu structure of the phone software.

`Memo`, an iPhone Application, developed by UK-based SpinVox allows iPhone users to speak a memo through the iPhone application and after conversion into text by the SpinVox VMCS the memo resides on the iPhone for instant access whenever needed.

Drive the next upturn

SpinVox has already received pre-registrations for SpinVox Create across the globe and looking ahead expects rapid uptake of the API particularly in Silicon Valley where SpinVox Web 2.0 services such as SpinVox Blog and SpinVox Social Networks have been increasingly popular.

Adds Domecq, “SpinVox has created a new category - carrier-grade voice conversion - and now is helping talented developers take advantage of the next growth opportunity in speech. The potential for innovation between carriers and the web is enormous – along with our own innovations we're now delivering a platform for creation of market changing applications and supporting their transformation to carrier-grade services. Speech 2.0 applications will be one of a cluster of innovations that will drive the next upturn as people are increasingly enabled to re-discover the power of their voice.”

About SpinVox

SpinVox® is the world's largest privately-held speech technology company, providing the only voice to text messaging services which are used daily by millions of people and whose user base has grown over twenty-fold in the last 12 months.

Through significant innovations in voice and network technologies which are protected by over 40 patents worldwide, SpinVox has converged the two most natural forms of communication - voice and text - to create the fastest-growing form of messaging: Voice-to-Content™.

SpinVox services are available directly on and through leading carriers and through new media, Unified Communications and other service providers globally.

Implemented as a carrier-class cloud service, SpinVox is proven to be able to easily create value from everyday user behavior using voice and deliver rapid and easy implementation of low input, sustained high reward services.

At the heart of SpinVox is its ground-breaking Voice Message Conversion System™ (VMCS), which works by combining state-of-the-art speech technologies with a live-learning language process. Developed by the Cambridge, UK- based SpinVox Advanced Speech Group; VMCS now serves users across five continents in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

SpinVox is now live with Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Sasktel, Rogers Wireless, Telus, Telstra, Vodacom South Africa, Vodafone Spain, Movistar Chile, Skype and Livejournal.


Anonymous said...

So if all spinvox is is a method to get audio over to a transcriber in an overseas call center and return some text, isn't it just a matter of time before the call centers create their own APIs and bypass spinvox?

Anonymous said...

SpinVox is much more than a getting audio to human transcribers, have a look at You can even use that page to teach the system new words.

三天打鱼两天打网 said...

are you talking about famous

Anonymous said...

the spinvox D2 brain. Sorry but it's a load of crap. My guess is at least 80 - 90% of voicemails are done by human transcribers. If most conversions were done by software, they wouldn't be charging $9.95 for 40 messages.
the software just helps the transcriber by picking out some of the words it was able to clearly recognize.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the second anonymous - the voice-text conversion works 100% through call centre workers, barely helped by the software. It's dishonest they advertise it as something automated.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Here is an interesting link:

ranga prasad said...

If the recognition is done by BPO guys, then how to they ensure security and privacy? All my data is leaked out otherwise, right?

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