Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TelStrat - TelStrat’s Engage™ Suite Now Understands Speech Analytics

Engage Analyze expands TelStrat's contact center product portfolio with true phonetic speech analytics intelligence

Orlando, Florida – March 30, 2009 – TelStrat, a global supplier of comprehensive contact center solutions, business call recording products, and leading-edge access network systems, today chose VoiceCon Orlando 2009 as the venue to announce Engage Analyze, the latest addition to its industry-leading contact center solution suite. Engage Analyze provides advanced speech analytics that equip organizations to transform voice calls into knowledge that can help them improve efficiency, increase compliance, and gain the competitive advantage.

Engage Analyze indexes and audio mines words and phrases buried in calls using a patented Phonetic Audio Search and Recognition Engine. Unlike older, less efficient speech-to-text approaches, phonetic speech search is not dependent on finite dictionary and grammar models which require constant maintenance. This makes it easy to accurately search for new competitors, product names, slang, and other dynamically changing terms.

Phonetic search technology also makes Engage Analyze fast – much faster than speech-to-text systems. Pre-processing or indexing of content is typically 60-80 times faster than real time, more than an order of magnitude faster than Large Vocabulary Conversational Speech Recognition (LVCSR) speech-to-text systems. Subsequent searches for words or phrases are incredibly quick, averaging over 30,000 times faster than real time and reaching rates up to 80,000 times faster.

Speech-to-text systems rely on limited, statistical sampling of calls, typically 3-5% of call volume, due to cost and complexity. The technology in Engage Analyze makes it possible to audio mine up to 100% of calls, in real time if desired. The product does all this without the massive computing power necessary for comparable LVCSR systems. With Engage Analyze, contact centers can now accurately analyze and recognize trends over thousands of hours of customer calls.

"With Engage Analyze we're bringing our customers advanced technology that provides them with a powerful tool to enhance business and customer intelligence, "said TelStrat President Kevin Smith. "The search speed and recognition capabilities make this product a market leader, and we've made it affordable for organizations of virtually any size."

Engage Analyze is the newest component of TelStrat's Engage Contact Center Suite. Engage Suite blends full-featured voice and screen recording; intuitive agent performance evaluation, tracking and coaching; powerful agent scripting and call automation; sophisticated workforce forecasting and scheduling; and now, advanced speech analytics. It addresses each major aspect of contact center operations. Designed to benefit any 'center of contact', Engage Suite is ideal whether used by a large telemarketing firm or a small company's support staff.


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